global Navigation

Problem: One main menu featured two vehicle "queues" and random user actions, while the rest were hidden within the interior pages

Solution: Create a sidebar menu with interior page tabs to customize and prioritize each user's important and secondary actions. Users can now easily navigate and complete their tasks efficiently.

Design Hierarchy & Consistency

Problem: The majority of pages were organized & designed differently, including when it displays the same or similar information.

Solution: Create typographic design standards to be applied throughout the application. Combine and reduce the number of pages using the new design standards and displaying all information and actions for one vehicle in one page.

Vehicle Summary Rows

Problem: Vehicle rows were cluttered with large amounts of information, and difficult to read making it hard to identify the important information.

Solution: Standardize vehicle row size and information–vehicle details, status information and user actions are separated by color and have a set row location. 

condition hub

Condition Hub is an automotive workflow application designed and built in conjunction with a dealership to focus on user needs.

My Role
Content Strategy, Wireframing, Brand expansion & UI Design

The Challenge
Condition Hub was a new, existing application, with a growing list of features that quickly became cluttered and difficult to navigate by the users.

Improve user flows by creating a standard page style, decreasing number of pages & adding new features.

Improve user flows by creating a standard page style, decreasing number of pages, updating website navigation, creating a native application & adding new features. 

Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator

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